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MyHomeCheck, a home inspections, residential valuations and compliance certification service, a division of Tsebo BLK Consulting (Pty) Ltd, an independent real estate asset management consulting and risk advisory firm. Tsebo BLK Consulting has extensive professional experience in the property sector, where it specializes in offering real estate asset management solutions, property valuations, market research, risk and compliance advisory services.

MyHomeCheck is a first and only complete service appraisals solutions provider, and an online appraisals booking platform originated in South Africa, launched on the 10th of July 2017. We bring together a wide network of property inspectors, electricians, building assessors and valuation professionals across all major urban centres.

MyHomeCheck works directly with buyers, sellers, agents and homeowners; this allows us to take advantage of economies of scale and an opportunity to provide services at the most competitive prices and fixed rates across all our product offerings. Our aim is to develop and grow MyHomeCheck into a market-leading, fully responsive appraisals booking platform and become the first in South Africa to bring homeowners, buyers, agents, and sellers of residential properties complete service appraisals turnkey solutions.

We have developed MyHome Self Check as a transactional tool that enables homeowners, buyers and sellers to conduct a self-assessment due diligence before purchase or generate a seller's declaration form for pre-sale purposes.

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